In 1988 wine producer Monte Altore decided to expand the business through the creation of the agriturismo Monte Altore. He renovated some aged buildings next to the vineyards, creating a car park, and an open courtyard of 2.5 square km, with open-air cafe' and a playground.

The Monte Altore agriturismo is entirely family owned and operated, and is only open on weekends and private functions. All the ingredients are obtained by farms owned and operated by the Monte Altore family, including wine, pork, salame, pasta, and a variety of sauces. This is keeping in line with Venetian tradition.
The agriturismo is located in hills ideal for cycling and trekking, where a relaxed pace of life can be appreciated in a rural setting.
We are always eager to welcome visitors and to offer them healthy traditional cuisine, fine wine, an engaging atmosphere, where diners may appreciate an unforgettable experience.
If you are celebrating a special occasion with us, we are more than willing to accommodate your wishes to highlight nature of the event, whether it be a birthday, business conference, or family gathering.

Please refer to our customer service web page for more information.

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